Our Roots

Welcoming friends and strangers with food.

Food helps us celebrate and appreciate the significance of our diverse traditions, it accompanies all of life’s most significant moments.

Food plays an important role in the social and traditional life of African cultures and their peoples.

Food is central to welcoming friends and strangers into homes and villages. What we eat helps us understand who we are and how we fit into the world.

 Food is the currency for true connection. Connection to self, to others, and to all of life. And yet at the global banquet table, African foods and ingredients, together with the continent’s diverse food traditions, remain underrepresented.  

Our Foundations

Local Village was founded on a vision for a network of vibrant, local agri-preneurs across the continent supplying equitably sourced and sustainably grown indigenous African ingredients to the global village. We are an aspirational brand, we celebrate our shared humanity through culinary diversity.

Ethical producers
conscious consumers

Our mission is to connect ethical producers with conscious consumers, this is the key to cultivating a better world. For Local Village this is both a philosophy and a responsibility.

The Local Village
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